How to fix the Broadcom SDIO WiFi on Unisurf USFNWXM14BLK for Windows 10 around March 2018


Edit: getting several comments that this didn’t work. Unfortunately I don’t own this laptop so I can test to see if this solution is still valid. It has worked for me twice. (April 2018 ish)

If you upgrade Windows 10 (presumably by using the media creation tool) you may find the WiFi no longer works. (14 inch laptop.)

I had this problem and called Unisurf for a solution. Here is their solution, which worked:

Thanks for your enquiry, here are the steps on how to reinstall the wireless driver.

1. Please click the link
2. Then download and save the file to a USB Flash Drive
3. Plug the USB Flash Drive to your device
4. Run and Install the file (You may get an error message after the installation, just disregard the message and follow the next step.)
5. Reboot the Computer
6. Wireless Network should work again
7. Please reply to this email if the issue is fixed or not to assist further if needed

Caffitaly CAF S14 Leaking.

If you have an S14 that is leaking, it might be the yellow elbow connector. It appears to have been over-torqued on mine and it fractured.

I don’t know if replacements are available.

Mining Zcash with an AMD 6950

Or an MS 6950 or a Twin Frozr III.

You can’t, I tried. Not enough VRAM I think.

How to fix a Brother HL-2130 that suddenly won’t pick up any paper.

If you have a Brother HL-2130 that suddenly stopped picking up paper, but still works with manual feed; this might be the problem. (Right side of body – side panel unclips, a few screws hold two metal plates on. Best disassembled resting on its left side so the cogs don’t run away.)





This part under the screwdriver is a little fragile – I think it might get whacked by the tray when you put it in. The small plastic clip that keeps it locked in place in that circular cutout can snap off, which then allows it to jam against the upper rollers rather than sliding the above cog over to meet the roller that finishes dragging sheets of paper through.

You might be able to work around this by using a soldering iron to melt the black plastic down crudely to keep the white assembly from travelling away from the base.




Good luck 🙂



Humax hdr-3000t series recording issue.

Hi Michael,


Thank you for contacting Humax Australia.


We have currently that issue is only coming from IceTV EPG.

We are currently working to fix this issue as soon as possible with IceTV.


Thank you.


Kind regards

Ted Bae

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From:[] On Behalf OfMichael Kean
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Subject: How to access season recordings?

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Hi 🙂


This is on a HDR-3000T


We have six recordings, but seem to only able to access the most recent recording. I can’t find any solutions online. Have tried a factory reset of everything except formatting the hard disk.


Can you help?

RIO-L02 hotspot not working, possible fix.

This model of phone is a bit odd when it comes to APN settings.

When I turned on the hot spot and connected, I couldn’t get any pages to load on my laptop. (It had an IP address but could not route through the phone.)

Eventually found a hint online. Check your APN settings, and if it doesn’t have ‘dun’ mentioned in the APN type, try adding it with a comma and no spaces.

(dun means dial up networking I think.)


This may also some to the Huawei G8 and that G7 plus – this model appears to go by both names??


TF7100HDPVRt freezing with IceTV

Just a quick note that as of two days ago I have a customer with a TF7100HDPVRt that freezes shortly after boot if set to use IceTV. Normal EPG is OK.

Remote Control NextPVR / NPVR with your smart phone.


1 – Install “Unified Remote”

2 – Create a 4×4 widget.

3 – import this widget definition:


4 – click OK / tick.

You’ll need to install the unified remote program on your PC.



How to backup and sync Sony Xperia Answering Machine Voicemail messages

(How to backup sony answering machine)

The Sony Xperia mobile phones include a built in but buggy Answering Machine.

On My C4 (E5333) the messages can be found in the protected folder  /data/data/

To be able to access these messages, you’ll need to root your device. I used “King Root” to do this since it can be done entirely from the phone, but your handset might differ.

To back up these files I just use “FolderSync Lite” from the Play Store. It supports root permissions. I sync these to my Google Drive. (I sync one way only.)

To play these files on Windows you need to rename them by adding the .amr extension. They seem to play OK in Media Player Classic or VLC Media Player.

A simple batch file can do this: ren *. *.amr

To Sync these messages to another handset, I use “DriveSync” although FolderSync Lite could have done it too. Then, on that handset I have an ES File Explorer shortcut widget to the Answering Machine folder, along with another “DriveSync Sync Now” widget. VLC Media Player on Android can play these files, even if you don’t add the extension.

The (unreliable) Sony Xperia C4 E5333 Answering Machine.

(Also where are the messages stored, where are the files stored, answering machine freezes, answering machine broken.)

I’ve recently moved from a Nokia E51 to the Sony C4 because of the integrated answering machine; but I’m having some problems with it.

The most common problem is that it will sometimes ‘freeze’ after taking a message. By freeze I mean that the ‘Phone’ screen that lists call history and had the dial button in the middie will be blank. Similarly if you try to open your Contacts, or the Answering Machine Settings window, nothing will happen.

This usually clears after a minute or so, but may result in the loss of the message.

I’ve found I can consistently cause this behaviour by assigning a name to a contact after they have left a message. I guess the system is trying to access the recording from the old name or something. This happens even if there are no contacts in the phone at all after a (power plus Vol Down) factory reset, whether or not signed in to a Google account.

As this is an ongoing process, I’ve used “King Root” to gain root access. This can be reversed apparently – took two attempts of the app with one reboot in between to gain root.

Previous notes suggested where the answering machine messages and greetings would be found but this is no longer correct. The current locations are:

Greetings: /data/data/

The greetings are listed by their date and time of recording only, with the extension .amr

(there is a caller_msg folder there too but it seems to be a temporary storage folder as I’ve seen only one message in there briefly.)

Messages: /data/data/

These took a lot of searching to find!

The file names are in the format voicemail-#########

There is no extension to the file name, and I don’t know how to interpret the numbers yet.

I think there might be some other issues with the answering machine, but it seems renaming a contact after receiving a message may be a cause.

Edit: Later, it seems this behaviour is constant and has nothing to do with a renamed contact. The moment I add any named contacts, the 1 minute freeze after a message is left is persistent; but messages are rarely if ever lost.

I have been able to back up these messages using FolderSync Lite, so that’s a step forward; and the DB files can be readily read with aSQLiteManager – interesting looking into the tables. A smart programmer could easily write a script to back up messages using data in the databases, but I am not that programmer 🙁 I’d have to reference them by file creation date to the call log.