Remote Assistance Right now?

Do you have a problem with your computer, but you don't have anyone nearby that can help you?

If your computer can still get on the Internet and runs Windows, then perhaps I can help you.

Please download the Cool Country Remote Assistance application, and then call (02) 6775 0239 or 0427 644 825 to arrange a time.

If Cool Country Remote Assistance isn't compatible with your computer or you have a Mac, you can instead use either "Join Me" or "TeamViewer"

Delayed Remote Assistance?

My status

If I'm shown as "Online" or "Away" above, it's possible I can help you immediately. If not, please Contact Me, and if possible include a mobile number I can text you on to let you know when I can help you next :)

You can alternatively run TeamViewer and contact me with the machine number and password.

Note: Normal consulting rates may apply.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 February 2014 05:06 )