Affordable Hard Disk Recovery

(Also applies to CDs, DVDs, Memory sticks and other media.)

Hard disk drives can fail for many different reasons. Sometimes they don't give you a warning - just one day you turn your computer on and it says Boot Failure or makes some weird noises that it's never made before.

Cool Country recovers data using a combination of off the shelf applications and open-source data recovery tools to goad the recalcitrant drive back to life. I have a reasonable recovery rate, and am much cheaper than the competition. Basically, if the drive still spins, I have about 75% chance of getting your stuff back.

While all cases vary, a typical repair may cost approx. $30 to $120 for time. If a replacement drive is required, these are sourced via local suppliers.

Our costs are cheaper because we do not have the specialised facilities such as 100% dust free rooms and raw platter reasdrs that advanced data recoverers need. If I am unable to recover your data, I can recommend some specialised drive repair companies.

For most other media, we have specialised tools for assessing and repairing damage. Again, a minimum of $33 is the gamble.

Nerd Tip:

If your drive has died, and you're broke and can't afford to get it fixed, you could try dd-rescue on almost any Linux CD or Thumbdive. (In some cases it's called dd_rescue or ddrescue.)



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