When you're a programmer, you know how much you don't know.

I guess I don't know much, but I know enough to be useful at times :)

Since I'm not an 'expert' I don't charge expert rates.

At this stage in my programming career, I'm limited to the following:

Microsoft Access and VBA (Relational SQL)

Microsoft Excel and VBA

TeraTerm Scripting Language

(That last one is just in there to puzzle the 'real' programmers :) )

Past projects have included:

  • A system for charging rent on CentreLink payment dates via Direct Debit
  • My own accounting systems.
  • My (now extinct) RADIUS billing system
  • A payroll interface system
  • A crazy paper records to OCR system.
  • A system for predicting how much grass will be in a paddock after the cows come home.


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