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Possible fix for Microsoft Teams crash at startup.

My case seems unique.

The error was:

Faulting application name: Teams.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5e851aee
Faulting module name: LocationApi.dll, version: 6.3.9600.18302, time stamp: 0x57097bd9
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000002fa35
Faulting process id: 0x1104
Faulting application start time: 0x01d73b25ca14950b
Faulting application path: C:\Users\michael\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\current\Teams.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\LocationApi.dll
Report Id: 10957e93-a719-11eb-80ee-54bef73d236c
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

So, the fault appears to be in relation to LocationApi.dll.

This is on a Windows 8.1 system.

My eventual solution was to take ownership of that file, and rename it. I’m not sure what it will break yet, but time will tell. Mine was 338kb from 11/8/2016

Windows XP activation loop solution

OK so I have to support a few XP and Windows 95/98 users even now in 2021.

One XP machine developed a fault where it would give a few days required to activate, but would then state it was already activated.

The usual oobe 30 day reset worked, but of course is only valid for up to 120 days.

All other suggestions seemed to fail. (Registry permissions, modifying wpa.dbl etc.)

Turns out someone has created a file called ‘antiwpa’ which patches the WPA system in memory to think it’s running in Safe mode. Tested this solution and it seems to work fine. (Discovered by a torrent site.)

You can probably find it by using qBittorrent and the search feature – of course you’re taking your chance that it might do something evil as well as patching winlogon in memory, but if it’s an offline system it probably presents minimal risk.

All the top Google results are locked due to their age – so I doubt anyone will ever find this post, but you never know.

Contact The Armidale Times

The Armidale Times is a paper-only publication, and at time of writing they appear to intentionally have no web and social media presence. They do however publish an email address and phone contact, as listed below.

How to install Google Maps on the Motorola 360 Gen 1 (2014) after March 2021.

So, if you’ve bought a new phone recently, or reset your watch; and tried to pair it to your Moto 360 first generation, you’ll find that Google Maps and probably several other apps haven’t transferred to your watch.

The main reason for this is that, as their way, Google has abandoned Wear 1 devices. Not quite in the Google Graveyard yet, but not far from it.

This guide is from March 2021; but if you’re visiting later than that, it’s possible this won’t work for you. It’s what worked for me.

This is post is based somewhat on – which I tried; but ended up crashing my watch. Maybe I was impatient, not sure.

The steps that I followed.

1 – Install an older version of Android Wear on your phone, that still has the USB debugging option. I used this one from late 2018:

2 – On your Moto 360, become a developer (Settings – About – tap “Build Number about 8 times until it says “You’re now a developer.)

3 – Enable ADB Debugging, and Debugging over Bluetooth on the watch. (Settings – Developer Options.)

4 – You might need to enable Bluetooth Debugging your phone. (Become a developer by tapping build number several times if not already done, then go into Developer options and Enable USB Debugging.)

5 – Enable “Debugging over Bluetooth” on the Wear OS app.

6 – Install ADB on your computer if you haven’t already. See

7 – Download a newer version of Google Play Services – I used this one:

(You could try a newer one than the above – this one was new enough to work.)

8 – Download a copy of Google Maps for Wear OS – I used this one: – again a newer one might work as well.

9 – These are the things I needed to type in to update my watch:

adb forward tcp:4444 localabstract:/adb-hub
adb connect localhost:4444

After typing the second line, it said “Failed” and also my watch had a prompt to trust the computer. I chose always trust.

Next I updated the Play Services: (Notice the -r which tells it to replace the existing version.)

adb -s localhost:4444 install -r “C:\platform-tools\

This takes about ten minutes so don’t be too alarmed. Probably best to do it with the watch on the dock.

Next I installed the Google Maps.

adb -s localhost:4444 install “C:\platform-tools\

After doing this, a couple of other apps turned up as well – Deezer and the Omega Watch Face I downloaded earlier from

I don’t know how much longer this watch will be able to keep working as Android gets updated into the future; but for now it lives again 🙂

I’ll post a link in Reddit, but will also enable comments here as well since Reddit has a tendency to lock older posts, meaning they can’t be updated with new information.

How to factory reset a Moto 360 Gen 1 that won’t start.

So I managed to kill mine by following the steps at while trying to get it to update some apps. It would boot to the “Starting Android App 1 of 1” and go no further.

The method was to place it on the charger, and hold down the power button until it turned off, then hold it down again to turn on into a recovery mode. From there a factory reset by pressing the button and swiping to select the relevant option.

Can I use Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 Sim in Gen 1 Modem? Yes…

So my Smart Modem (generation 2, lunchbox) was blown up in a storm. I managed to pick up a Generation 1 smart modem (the small pizza box one) and decided to try swapping the SIM into it. The first gen one uses a micro SIM whereas the second gen was a full size SIM, so it required some trimming with scissors to get it to the right size. It works – this post was done via the 4G Backup.

Interestingly, I still have an old Commander-branded modem attached to the ADSL line, and so far both services are happy running simultaneously. (Same BigPond account.) Next test is to take the smart modem with the 4G to the next town over and see if it remains online – could be handy if it does.

The lunchbox one didn’t want to connect to the ADSL at first since it was previously on an NBN connection; but eventually it switched.

How to rate limit YouTube uploads on Windows 10 / Chrome / Firefox for free.

OK so there are instructions online about how to rate limit Chrome and Firefox from the developer console, but none of them seem to actually work for YouTube uploads. (Or I was doing it wrong which is also quite possible.)

The only working solution I found was a program called TMeter Free, using the documentation at

I’m happily uploading to YouTube at 2/3rds the max my ADSL can handle – ADSL becomes very slow on downloads if the upload is maxed out.

Tmeter is free from – up to four processes only.

HP x360 440 G1 won’t turn on – possible fix.

Had one of these come in today – customer had two, and both died in short order. Thought it might be a faulty docking station.

Symptom: Charge light works, but no power light or power switch function. Holding power button for >15 seconds causes the caps lock light to come on for a second or so.

Solution: Seemed to be to disassemble, remove the main battery and the CMOS battery. Power up the machine and get past the bios battery failure message, and hopefully back to normal. Possibly you’ll find yourself in the middle of Windows update – possible cause of suspicion??

Good luck!

How to turn on a Samsung A20, A30, A50, A70 with broken Power Button, Maybe.

If you have got your phone wet and can no longer turn it on using the power button, but it shows as charging when you connect it to a charger; you might be able to ‘wake it up’ by doing the following.

1 – Hold down Volume Up and Volume Down

2 – Plug in the charger.

With a bit of luck, you’ll see a warning about loading a custom OS.

Press the Volume Down option to ‘restart phone’

You should now have a phone that’s started up.

If your touch screen is also dead, you can probably attach a standard USB Mouse (might require a USB to USB-C adapter) and operate the phone as needed to get your stuff off it.

You might be able to make use of this phone as a video surveillance camera, etc.

How to make ZaraRadio 1.6 work with Satellite input on modern hardware.

The free version of Zara Radio uses a technique to enable satellite playback by unmuting a “playback” input in Windows 98 / early XP’s audio mixer. This feature doesn’t exist in computers made since about 2005.

ZaraRadio does support ‘scripts’ within the playlist file.

You can take advantage of this by using the free app SoundVolumeView to save two profiles – one with a line in set with “Listen To This Device” enabled for the Line In input, and another with it disabled. (File –> Save Sound Profile (Selected Devices))

You can then create a batch file with the relevant commands
– for example, satellite_off.bat would contain:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\SoundVolumeView.exe /LoadProfile satellite_off.spr

You can then open a Zara Radio Playlist in Notepad and add the relevant lines to the end of it. For example,

-1 C:\Users\Public\Documents\satellite_Off.bat
-1 .stop