Assorted News 30 – Back again, Free Video Surveillance… :)

Assorted News 30 – Back again, Free Video Surveillance… 🙂

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Assorted News:
I’m Back 🙂

General Ramblings:
Free Video Surveillance with Skype or iSpy…

Growth and Limits.

I’m Back 🙂

There’s always a stack of catching up to do when you go on holiday and then come back. Fortunately I’m almost caught up with the work load.

For those of you who want to know how the American experience went, you can find it at

In short, it was an interesting holiday, but a bit rushed; and with a few relatively spectacular dramas along the way…

Free Video Surveillance with Skype or iSpy…

As most of you know, Skype is program that lets you call other people from the computer, and if the person at the other end has a camera you get to see them as well.

If you’re going traveling and you just want to be able to check on the house or dog; or in my case the goldfish with the giant lump on it’s side; you can leave a computer running with Skype set to auto-answer.

Here’s some other ideas…

Perhaps you’d like to know if your dog misbehaves during the day when you’re out. Perhaps you’d like to know who came to visit while you were out. Perhaps your into ornithology and want to know what birds have been to visit. Or perhaps you want to know who’s nicked your firewood. Maybe you’re planning a new career as a Bond Villain.

In any of those cases, you might be interested in the free program called iSpy. It lets you hook up multiple cameras to multiple computers, and monitor them all from one computer. In addition, it can be configured to record only when there’s movement detected. You can specify areas to watch too so that the wind blowing the trees doesn’t trigger a recording.

It’s amazing what you can do for free these days with computers. Recording studios, home publishing, home theatre, photo development studio – we’ve come a long way since DOS 2.0!

iSpy is free, and open source, from
Skype is free from

Growth and Limits…

For those of you into sustainability you might like to have a look at – some interesting points in this mathematical lecture.

Sorry it’s such a short newsletter – a few customers have had some big mishaps this week and time is short! The blog post, however, makes up for it!

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