Contacting CCC

I’m one of those people who communicates mostly by SMS. This is because it makes it much easier to keep track of conversations. With over 300 active customers, that can be quite helpful! (Also gets rid of Telephone Tag.)

If you want to contact CCC, the best SMS number is 0427 644 825

You can also email me on – I get emails in near real time.

Hours are generally 10am to 8pm, but I may not be able to reply if on another job, on air, driving or snowed under.

You can try to find me at my office at 2 Moore Street, corner Moore Street and Bradley Lane in Guyra, but I’m rarely there. (It’s the small office on the side of Roy Jones’ Garage. It’s not pretty, but the rent is cheap 🙂

On Thursdays between 11am and 1pm I generally volunteer at Armidale Community Radio on Kentucky Street.