Offsite Backup

There’s an old saying that a file doesn’t exist unless it’s in three places.

You can of course back up locally to an external hard drive, etc; but you need to remember to do it; and if something bad happens to your house or your computer grows legs; it might not help you.

Free Offsite Backup.

If you have 15GB or less of data to back up, Google Backup and Sync could be all you need. Just install it, tell it what folders need to be backed up, and it’ll do it for you.

If you need 100GB instead, it’s just $25 a year with Google.

Got Office 365?

If you’ve got Office 365, that includes 1000GB. You can use that to back up your files, but only by copying or moving them into your OneDrive folder.

Cool Country Offsite Backup.

Don’t like clouds? I offer a modest Offsite Backup service using a server in Black Mountain. Backups are performed using Duplicati (free app) or Syncrify ($70) .

Here’s the current pricing for this service.

Amount (GB)

Monthly Cost

You can restore files yourself via the web interface, or I can provide them on a hard drive for minimal cost.

NFP Cost