OK so I’m definitely not the best web designer out there. I have limited graphics design skills. That said, if all you need is something basic; I can knock up pages in WordPress for you, and teach you how to update them.

Here’s a few samples of my work: (Apart from the one you’re on.)

Life with Mike

Strategic Enterprise Consulting

Black Mountain Roadhouse

Guyra Bowling Club

Country Harmony

In order to create a website, you first need to choose a Domain Name, then a Hosting Plan. I can help with this.

You’ve probably heard of buzz words like “SEO” or Search Engine Optimisation. I don’t bother trying to ‘game Google’ which is what most of those services are trying to do. Just make sure your pages include the words / phrases that people are most likely to search for and you’re well on the way.

If you’re looking for a free website – have a look at 🙂