What is Cool Country Consulting?

That’d be me 🙂

I’m a self employed IT Guy based in Black Mountain, servicing Guyra, Armidale and surrounding areas.

Please note that I’m currently contracted to do several hours of work per week at the Guyra Tomato Farm. (2022.) I am not as responsive as usual as a result.

For assistance in Armidale you might also like to try Armidale Computers 67712712 or Northern Technical Services 67720442.

My skills are many and varied, as I’ve been in this field since the mid ’90s.

Most of my work is carried out in homes and small businesses, but I also have an office in Guyra.

If you’re looking for help with anything IT, sent me a text on 0427 644 825 and I’ll let you know if I can help you out!

Or, you can stalk me on Facebook!