Logitech S5500 webcam micrphone not working

Logitech S5500 webcam micrphone not working

I’ve had one job recently that I took on with the proviso that if I couldn’t fix it I wouldn’t charge for it.

In this case it was a Logitech S5500 webcam with built in Mic, but the mic component would not install properly – with various errors in Device Manager such as Not configured Code 1, etc; but occasionally with the appearance that it was working fine yet it would not show up in Multimedia Control Panel.

I wasn’t able to fix it within an hour so gave up as it wasn’t worth my time.

The customer said initially they had tried a Toshiba USB cam with mic and it too wouldn’t work; so perhaps the Toshiba broke the system first, or perhaps there was a pre-existing problem.

Some websites made reference to a core file LVsomething.sys which was apparently a lower filter driver, and that it can also cause the pitch of some sound cards to change, esp. Realtek 97 cards.

So, sorry I don’t have an answer for this particular problem, and am only posting here so others with the same problem know that they’re not alone.

The camera works fine on other computers. Logitech Tech Support also could not fix it.

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