Minitar MN54GCB-RC Driver ( Windows XP ) (Possibly Others.)

Minitar MN54GCB-RC Driver ( Windows XP ) (Possibly Others.)

Don’t you have it when you go to a website to find a driver, and they have every driver except the one you need.

Well the idiots at Minitar have such a site, and there’s also another site that claims to have the driver but it also doesn’t work.

So, here’s a copy of the Minitar MN54GCB-RC driver CD. Sorry it’s in NRG format – either open it with Nero if you have it, or use WinCDEmu or MagicDisc or similar to open it. It’s one of those ‘have to run setup to get the driver’ disks without the separate INF files.

Driver claims to work for the PCI and USB versions too. Not tested.

Cheers, Mike.

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