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MEW-AM Pavilion 6609 Video Sound Drivers

MEW-AM Pavilion 6609 Video Sound Drivers

Hi there 🙂

If you come across one of these old beasties and you’re trying to load ’98 on it, you’ll find bugger all information about the onboard video and sound card.

If you grab the free Unknown Device Identifier, it will help you heaps to sort this one out…

Turns out the video driver is an 810 Intel – easy to find on Google.

.. and the sound driver an Aureal 8810 sound card, which will turn up on Google, and take you to that damn Driverguide site.

By the way, after a while they say you have to pay. Just use another email address to re-register and all’s well. I’ve contributed drivers to them in the past so it’s rude of them to say I have to pay now!