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RIO-L02 hotspot not working, possible fix.

This model of phone is a bit odd when it comes to APN settings.

When I turned on the hot spot and connected, I couldn’t get any pages to load on my laptop. (It had an IP address but could not route through the phone.)

Eventually found a hint online. Check your APN settings, and if it doesn’t have ‘dun’ mentioned in the APN type, try adding it with a comma and no spaces.

(dun means dial up networking I think.)


This may also some to the Huawei G8 and that G7 plus – this model appears to go by both names??


TF7100HDPVRt freezing with IceTV

Just a quick note that as of two days ago I have a customer with a TF7100HDPVRt that freezes shortly after boot if set to use IceTV. Normal EPG is OK.