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Website has Packed it in!

Edit: 20-8-2014…

Website nearly repaired… Ended up trying out for the first time and someone in Vietnam fixed the template for me but I haven’t had time to tidy it up yet.

Preview available at


Hi 🙂

The Cool Country Consulting website has temporarily packed it in. A security update on the page broke the out-of-date Joomla installation, and I haven’t yet got around to fixing it! (Will probably rebuild it in WordPress instead, since WordPress tends to update by itself.)

The draft points:

  • Computer repairs – $70 per hour charged per minute
  • Callout – $10 within 10km of Guyra and Armidale, $1 per km outside these areas.
  • Low income / pensioner discount $50 per hour.

Other services:

  • Data retrieval from faulty drives
  • Tuition on smartphones, etc.
  • Assistance with choosing best value internet and phone deals.
  • And more … 🙂



Outlook beats Gmail for a change :)

One challenge I often have is customers who used to have just one computer eventually buy a phone, or a laptop.

It can be a great thing to have your email on all your devices, but it can also be a pain if you want to delete or file stuff if you don’t have the email sync’d.
It has always been possible to upload old emails to Gmail so that they are available on all devices, but it has to be done one folder at a time.

Today I discovered that with Microsoft’s Hotmail, Live and addresses you can upload your existing emails with just a few clicks – and this does all folders at once – far easier than Gmail.

Microsoft is on a winner here with me! Part of my job just became so much easier, and I congratulate them for offering this service free while Google refuses to do so.