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Free Clueless Crosswords PDF

I’ve created some free Clueless Crosswords / Code Crackers at

These were created via the great online website

How to hide white borders when printing in PowerPoint

Try saving the presentation as PDF and printing that instead.

Clueless Crossword Generator / Code Cracker Generator

Could also be “Clueless Crossword maker, Code cracker maker, or codecracker maker or codecracker generator if you’re here via Google.

I have a wife addicted to these things, but don’t like spending money on books etc. She doesn’t like to do them on screens; so I thought maybe there’s a program I can use to make them.

Google searches were fruitless, until I thought to try Clueless Crossword Freeware, which took me to this page:

From there it’s not hard to use the Snipping tool to capture a game, create a text box A to Z, stick it in Word or Publisher and Print it.