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How to export data from NITEA without merged cells.

I’ve not had much to do with NITEA, but was asked to extract some data from it for use in a different system. This proved to be a bit challenging at first because NITEA exports very nice looking reports to Excel, but with lots of merged cells in positions that can change for no obvious reason. (Seems to be a way to maintain column width rather than setting an explicit column width.)

After much head scratching, I found a way to import this data. My trick is to save the NITEA export as a CSV file from Excel, then using another spreadsheet select the Data –> From Text option to import said CSV file. The trick is to tick the ‘treat consecutive delimiters as one” option.

This isn’t perfect as it will mean empty cells are ignored, which will affect alignment of data if there are empty values for some records. Depending on the layout of your exports this may or many not be an issue. A workaround is to highlight the cells in the original NITEA report and use a find and replace to replace the empty cells with a character. A bit laborious but could be automated. (Doing the entire worksheet will likely generate some heat!)

Of course, a real programmer will likely be able to do something clever like create an array in a programming language or some such. I’m not a full time programmer, so I just use the tools I know to get the job done if I can.

There’s more fun to be had if you’re trying to get multiple tables into one recordset. This might at least give you a start 🙂