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A New Gamble

A New Gamble

Traditionally, I find advertising any sort of telephone product nearly impossible. However, every now and then I decide to have another go, convinced that most people would save money on the plans.

This time I’ve spent (hopefully not wasted) a day building a site for the $15 a month plan with 15c/min calls. The site’s at

I’m also thinking of having a break from the norm and advertising this one on the local radio stations 2AD and FM100.3 – but the pricing’s quite steep for something like this which won’t earn much. Still, I’ll try anyway – isn’t that what being an entrepeneur is all about – having a go?

I also notice the CCC website is pretty old now, funny how things go out of date so fast. It needs a face lift, but that’ll have to wait for a bit – there’s GST to do…