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How to turn on a Samsung A20, A30, A50, A70 with broken Power Button, Maybe.

If you have got your phone wet and can no longer turn it on using the power button, but it shows as charging when you connect it to a charger; you might be able to ‘wake it up’ by doing the following.

1 – Hold down Volume Up and Volume Down

2 – Plug in the charger.

With a bit of luck, you’ll see a warning about loading a custom OS.

Press the Volume Down option to ‘restart phone’

You should now have a phone that’s started up.

If your touch screen is also dead, you can probably attach a standard USB Mouse (might require a USB to USB-C adapter) and operate the phone as needed to get your stuff off it.

You might be able to make use of this phone as a video surveillance camera, etc.