Archive for June 21, 2015

Windows Installer error 1711 possible solution.

A computer had the error 1711 – cannot write temporary file, disk full etc.

Turned out that Windows Updates had been failing due to a full drive for some time, and 65,500+ temporary files had been created which was the limit Windows would allow.

To save time, try Start –> CMD –> Run as Administrator

Cd \windows\installer

del *.tmp


Then see if problem persists.

Windows XP SP2 IMAP POP Gmail SSL certificate error

I’ve seen two instances today where XP machines stuck on SP2 are giving certificate errors with Gmail. Machines that are properly updated to SP3 don’t appear to be affected.

I have not tried to resolve this issue, other than disabling Avast Mail Scanner on one machine. It might be possible to add the certificate; but as these machines are quite old and have other issues, I haven’t worried.