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iertutil.dll is missing, possible cause.

iertutil.dll is missing, possible cause.

I’ve had three computers in the last week crash with this error at startup.

Two of them I know had a modified termserv.dll (or is it termsrv.dll) to enable multiple concurrent logins on XP.

In another case, I had an error the ordinal 681 could not be located. That was because I copied the wrong iertutil.dll – you need one from a Windows XP machine running IE8. (I grabbed one from an IE7 machine first time.)

If you make that mistake, you will need to use recovery console, or boot from a Linux Mint CD or Memory Stick in order to replace the file.

HTC Sensation – possible how to fix touch screen digitizer stuck buttons.

G’day all 🙂

Recently my partner broke her digitiser glass on her HTC Sensation.

I ordered a replacement digitiser from eBay, and fitted it.

It worked well for a couple of days, then started going mental.

To diagnose the fault, I downloaded “Piano For You” – since it makes it really easy to see and hear what’s going wrong. In my case C# was also triggering Bb and Ab.

It turned out in my haste to reassemble (stephanie) the phone, I didn’t really do much of a job with the adhesive; which allowed hand cream, chocolate, or god knows what to sneak into the side of the phone between the phone and the digitiser, creating a ‘conductive short’ if you like down the right side of the phone.

Fortunately, this tardiness meant it was easy enough to pry the digitiser away from the phone, as seen below:

HTC Digitiser flipped up

This time I ran adhesive right around the edge, resting it diagonally along the ridge of the phone’s shell so that the LCD would force it both down and outwards.

Wedgie Glue

So far, since then it’s been behaving 🙂

This might not work for other people, but it worked for me.

Windows 7 Video Driver for IBM ThinkCentre 8424-3BM

Windows 7 Video Driver for IBM ThinkCentre 8424-3BM

IBM does not have a Windows 7 driver on their website for this machine.

Instead, follow the steps at to download the Driver update for Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family from

Extract the contents of the “Cab in a Zip” file, then tell Windows 7 to use that driver even though it doesn’t want to.

(Only tested on 32 bit Windows 7.)