Archive for January 31, 2019

Don’t buy the Nokia 6 (TA-1003) if you want dual SIM support.

This handset appears to have a bug where it randomly changes the default SMS SIM. There are no apps to monitor this, and no solutions available.

Winfast PVR2 creates 1.99GB or 2GB files / splits files to 2GB

So, my ancient copy of Leadtek’s Winfast PVR2 usually works fine, then one day it decides it’s going to split recordings at 1.99GB no matter what you ask it to do.

Reading some ancient forum posts, someone else mentioned that it will do this if it thinks it might be on a FAT16 (or FAT32?) drive. It isn’t in my case, but still it’s been known randomly to switch into this state of mind.

The solution is unknown, but switching to another physical drive seems to resolve it.

Review of the Aldi Stirling Black Label Air Purifier – EPI208

This is a fairly cheap unit at $129 – does the job but even on low it is quite loud compared to units such as the “Mi Air Purifier”. Had they given it a ‘quiet; setting it would be better in my opinion.

When I bought it there was zero information on the Internet about it, but now the manual has shown up at

Still no idea where to get replacement filters – but really there isn’t much complexity to this product and you can probably make your own.

Video of the product: (Recorded in Portrait)