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How to fix the Broadcom SDIO WiFi on Unisurf USFNWXM14BLK for Windows 10 around March 2018


Edit: getting several comments that this didn’t work. Unfortunately I don’t own this laptop so I can test to see if this solution is still valid. It has worked for me twice. (April 2018 ish)

If you upgrade Windows 10 (presumably by using the media creation tool) you may find the WiFi no longer works. (14 inch laptop.)

I had this problem and called Unisurf for a solution. Here is their solution, which worked:

Thanks for your enquiry, here are the steps on how to reinstall the wireless driver.

1. Please click the link
2. Then download and save the file to a USB Flash Drive
3. Plug the USB Flash Drive to your device
4. Run and Install the file (You may get an error message after the installation, just disregard the message and follow the next step.)
5. Reboot the Computer
6. Wireless Network should work again
7. Please reply to this email if the issue is fixed or not to assist further if needed