Can I use Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 Sim in Gen 1 Modem? Yes…

So my Smart Modem (generation 2, lunchbox) was blown up in a storm. I managed to pick up a Generation 1 smart modem (the small pizza box one) and decided to try swapping the SIM into it. The first gen one uses a micro SIM whereas the second gen was a full size SIM, so it required some trimming with scissors to get it to the right size. It works – this post was done via the 4G Backup.

Interestingly, I still have an old Commander-branded modem attached to the ADSL line, and so far both services are happy running simultaneously. (Same BigPond account.) Next test is to take the smart modem with the 4G to the next town over and see if it remains online – could be handy if it does.

The lunchbox one didn’t want to connect to the ADSL at first since it was previously on an NBN connection; but eventually it switched.

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